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Information referring to February 24th event in Medellin Colombia, place where the Earth’s Heart Chakra will be opened.

This statement besides of having the purposes of provides all the information about the event that will be realized in Medellin Colombia and “Open your Heart” movement, it also pretends to be an article that can send to all the people that you think is going to use it, because of their level of sensibility and conscience, with the purpose of support us, (if you want it) to diffuse as more as we can something that for sure will be beneficent for all those who participate on it.

Beforehand thank you for your respect, love and support.

I would like to emphasize these points:

1. This worldwide movement is called “Open your Heart” and its only interest is to make conscience on people of how important is to have our heart full of positive emotions and clean of negative emotions. We want you to know about the event of February 24th and about the campaigns after in favor of heal the heart.

2. We are giving you this information so you can send it to every people as possible; select him or her according to his or her sensibility! Maybe this information is not for everybody, even though we are hoping to involve in this movement in a direct or indirect way the energy of 30,000 people.

3. It is also important to involve people all over the world to have their presence in one or more of the ceremonies that we are going to make from February 9th to February 24th, 2010, or to be our representatives in their city or country, promoting the “Open your Heart” movement with the biggest number of sensitive people and participate with us at distance with the opening of the Earth’s Heart Chakra.

4. I ask you to let us know the number of people that you will send this information (if it’s possible with an e-mail address) to be able to have a control of the number of people involve in this event.

5. We also ask you to invite people who had the ability of diffuse this movement by the internet or through any other way of communication, And also please let us know how many people is receiving this information.

6. We have to make a difference between the sensitive persons to who we are going to send this information to participate with us and help us with all this process, and those to who we only want to inform about the “Open your Heart” campaign to make them sensibly and take conscience about it.

7. It’s very important that those who want to participate since their countries in the chakra’s opening ceremony and wish to be present energetically in this ceremony to receive the purifying and healing energy that is going to come out of there, send your Photo and all your personal information (complete name, country and city, and if it’s possible address and mail) to the person who had invited you to be part of this movement, and this person would give us the information, (we make this triangulation to give total confidence and security to all of you who are sending us your personal information, so you can trust in us), we need your Photo and personal information so we can make you part energetically on our ceremony (we just have capacity to receive 3,000 photos).

8. It is possible that in the middle of January we could send all this information in 4 languages, English, German, Chinese and French, if somebody would like to collaborate with these or other languages. It would be great, we will be so grateful, the most important thing is to be able to reach the more quantity of people around the World.

9. For those who want to be our representatives you just have to send us your information and pledge yourselves to promote this movement in all your events. It would be a symbolic appointment and you will receive all the information related with this movement from us.

10. Saturday January 16th at 10:00 and 12:00 hrs. (Mexico City time), we are going to have a meeting by Skype with all our representatives around the World, to welcome and know them and know everything about what they are making (it would be in Spanish and English)

11. All of you who participate in our meeting should be previously registered with us and in Skype, so you could give us your nick and so we can connect with you.

12. Remember that this movement doesn’t have any political or economic interest, is a movement of and for the heart, to and for the spirit, is your Movement! Develop the strategies and actions that you consider appropriate, feel it, live it, is your movement, make it yours, give it life and above all heal your heart! You are the leader, we just promote it, we organize and keep the control necessary, but you are the leader of your movement. Heal your heart!

13. I will continue sending you our next statements keep in touch with us, thank you and for all your support.

Ahoo meta coyase

( We all are one)

Jaime Delgado

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