Wednesday, March 17, 2010

What follows after February 24th?

On February 24th, 2010 the Earth’s Heart Chakra was opened, and it was opened thanks to the power of thousands of hearts from different places of the planet, that joined with only one purpose: to offer the Earth the best feelings that their heart had, so that with this force it would possible to open the Earth’s Heart. In return she spilled over the hearts of all those who contributed to this effort, the purest and healing energy, full of love and she also called them: my favorite children! And she offered to fulfill all of them with health, love and economic well being.

But the work isn’t finished yet, it has just begun…

I explain it:

First of all I want to say that I do not try to convince anybody who doesn’t want to be convinced: there is no time! I am only exposing a thesis and those who want to join, it would be great, for those that don’t want, I hope that since their trench they also do their best effort for the sake of the planet and of the beings that live in it.

The Earth is a living being like any living entity, has energy, which flows in a precise way for her suitable functioning and survival; today the Earth has lost her natural energy flow, her principal energy channels; the rivers have been blocked by contamination, preys and other factors; the unlimited development of the oil has created an internal disorder of her own energy supply, bombs and war experiments have altered the natural circulation of the energy, therefore these natural flows have turned out to be blocked and on not having circulated, they have agglomerated in the Earth’s center, this provokes on the one hand, a greater heating and on the other an enormous pressure that needs to be vented. These two consequences in increase will bring out such alterations in the surface of the planet that could tremendously be threatening for the species that live in it.

From a different point of view, not scientific, not ecological, nor politician, not economic, under an energy perspective: the Earth is sick! She has accumulated an enormous pressure in her interior and this only has 2 ways of going out: the natural way: through constant vents of the accumulated pressure, provoking in the surface movements and "explosive" reactions which would be tremendously disastrous and harmful for the normal habitat of human beings.

In another point of view, there are neither nor scientists, not ecological (it is already too much late), not politics, not economic options, only energy options therefore our proposal, the only real option that we know in these moments, is the following one:

1. To release most of the energy accumulated in the center of the planet; by means of the thousands of natural channels that exist in the whole world, these channels are called Energy Vortices.

Most of these channels or Energy Vortices are closed or partially opened; it is necessary to open them completely.

2. We propose to open them with the purpose of be exit conduits of the excess of accumulated energy, giving gradually “health“ and stability to the Earth, on having removed the pressure that is taking her to a collapse.

3. Unfortunately we have 4 problems:

• First, the time is above us, we have only this year, 2010, to try to open 365 Energy Vortices, which are the necessaries to avoid the collapse.

• Second, there are only 100 people who are trained and qualified to open correctly these Vortices, this doesn’t mean that there aren’t any more people able to do this: of course they are! But we don’t know them, we don’t know where they are and we don’t have the certainty that they really do it, as it must be.

• Third, we need the help of all the possible people, to find these Vortices in all the corners of the planet.

• Fourth, besides the 365 vortices that are necessary to be opened this year, we have to open 4,745 Nadis at the same time. A Nadi will be opened only by those who are trained by “the men and women with power specialist in vortices opening”.

5. But there is more, there are thousands of testimonies that on February 24th lived many things at energy and emotional level. On having been opened together the Earth’s Chakra and, people’s heart, negative emotions were cleaned, they filled with light, energy, love, they felt calmer, and something changed favorably in their life and especially in their attitude before life. All those that got connected at the moment when this enormous energy vortex was opened, experienced a moment that some of them have define it as “the best emotional, energy or spiritual experience that they have lived!”

6. Therefore it is important to know that to open each one of the 365 vortices in the whole planet, the participants in the ceremony first will have to connect this vortex to the Earth’s Heart Chakra, (located in Medellin, Colombia) so that with his force they could open without any problem the corresponding vortex, which will provoke again an explosion of healing energy for all the hearts that get connected in that moment with the opening of the new vortex, this means: that there will be 365 more opportunities to cure your heart and to fill yourself with energy! To which you will be able to connect yourself and connect your dear beings.

7. We will continue with the 2010 Open your Heart Movement, but now with more force, because many of us already felt what does it feel open it, we have to keep on healing our hearts and also help to cure the hearts of thousands of human beings; we have to take conscience that the only option to be authentically happy is to take responsibility of our own emotions.

8. The difference between the times that we have tried to put ourselves peacefully, feel happy, not to react negatively, to release the pain, the sadness, the anger… is that now “The Energy” that gives off of the Earth through the vortices increases your attempt. The difference now is the energy … that will clean your heart and will give you the force that you need.

9. That's why it is so important to open the vortices, because with every vortex that we opened and you get connected, your heart will be cleaned more, you will fill of more energy, you will have more peace, you will have more possibilities of being healthy and happy.

10. All the vortices that be opened will be announced and registered in advance in our blog: and in our website:, so you will keep informed about all the ceremonies that will be done during the year and the place where they will be realized, which will give you the opportunity, if you want it and you the place is accessible for you, of register with us to take part of it directly.

11. In these new vortices openings, the people who want to get connected at a distance will be able to do it by means of a ceremony, as we done it previously, or simply with your attitude and attempt from your place of work, hearth or any place where you are. All kinds of participation are important to support in every opening of the 365 vortices and so that the Earth cures our own heart and cures herself and the importance of our participation will depend on the force with which we get connected.

12. While we participate directly or indirectly in a major number of ceremonies, our emotions will improve, our energy will increase, our personal power will be evident and the Earth will fulfill us with love, health and economic well-being and the most important thing, we will be helping the Earth heal herself and therefore, to reduce the intensity of her reaction for the accumulated energy (like a pressure cooker).

13. For those who are interested in turning into “the ones who open Nadis”, you will have to take part in at least one vortex opening and be trained to know what to do and how you can open Nadis.

14. Finally from a more spiritual focus, the Earth is also in her own process of evolution, process that needs to have open “Her 3 hearts” The Basic one: which was opened on August 15th 1994 in the Mexico City, The one of the Heart: which was opened on February 24th, 2010 in Medellin Colombia and The Spiritual one: that will have to be open before December 21st, 2012 in some place of the Andes.

Only this way, she will be able to complete her evolutionary process and we her inhabitants will be able to enjoy a long period of peace, health and harmony.

15. All the complementary information about this topic, the opening of Vortices and Nadis, you will be able to find it in our blog and in our web site.

For everything above, it is very important that the ones who want to collaborate with us and want to take part of it in an active way, help us to diffuse for all the possible means this information and help us to find the Vortices that we have to open, please visit our web site to see the different ways of collaborate with us.

The Earth needs us, our heart needs that we clean it, our loved beings need the best of us, we need more and more and more love in our hearts, only in this way we will be able to survive to ourselves, to our sick societies and to the times that approach.

Ku si lu, in mana

With all my love from the Earth’s Heart

Jaime Delgado

I will keep you informed …

. A Energy Vortex is a natural spring of energy that sprouts on the terrestrial surface (like a water spring) we classify them in 3 types: the ones that have been already found by the cultures of all the times and creeds; they have constructed on them their sacred places: Dolmens, Pyramids, Cathedrals, Mosques, Synagogues etc., those who are known at popular level and are mentioned like places with a lot of energy, and those who have not been detected yet.

A Nadi is a small energy vortex; the specialists can open it in any place of the planet (they are like a water well) they can be opened in an office, a department, a house, a park, etc. When they are opened, they will attract positive energy to that place.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Description of the photo with the presence of the spirits in the February 24th, ceremony in Medellin Colombia

This photo is the proof that during the Earth’s Heart Chakra Opening ceremony, all the spirits that were invoked were present.

It is important to see it with zoom, the enormous sphere that is on Jaime’s Delgado head (an enormous spirit) in the moment that he is opening the Heart’s Chakra and the thousands spheres that are around, on making the zoom you will see faces, and a great difference between some spirits and others.

This is a tangible test of the divine presence in that moment.

It is important that the biggest number of persons watch it like a clear test of what happened spiritually on February 24th.

Jaime Delgado

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

AND THE EARTH SPOKE by María José Ruíz

Still it wasn’t 7 o'clock in the morning when the event organization began. There was a suppressed emotion, a respect for work, a solemnity difficult to describe. All of we wanted to give our best effort, the day had come.

Jaime explained everything that was necessary to do, he organized the work groups and gave precise instructions to the ones in charge of every task: guards, flowers, people’s distribution according to their energy, offerings, Inca’s ritual, interventions, music , seats, altars, pearls, attention to the visitors, sound for the event, … everything was foreseen.

56 women take down hundreds of flowers of 7 colors to defoliate, with conscience, their petals. The air filled with fragrances, with light, with sacred singings. Erika, a shaman with an angelical voice, was marking us the rhythm. The sound of the drum joined to our voices and the light was every time more beautiful. With all the colors mixed, the ways and geometric figures that give the structure to the place get drown and next, we open an energy vortex with the ASPERSORES that Jaime's students had taken; there were exactly 30 ASPERSORES, exactly the number that the Masters had designated, the magic was clear in each one of the steps.

In those moments, the element water appeared: the rain came to greet us, in answer to our request for help which was formulated days before in El Yunque (Puerto Rico), in the banks of a river. We had sung to the water, each one from his own feeling had sent love messages, energy hearts so that our message get to the birds, to the sea, to the clouds, to the trees, to all the corners: "The Mother Earth needs us, we are prepared but we need help, we are only the top of the firing pin, we need more force to get to the Earth’s center, go and tell it to everybody, the 24th, will be a big day for all, we will wait you”

The air also visited us: Moments before the rain, a flock of birds, approximately 14, had turned in circles around us, many times, … we felt blessed.

When everything was prepared, we got dressed in our best finery, of white and a red belt, as the Mayan way. Each one knew perfectly what we had to do and which was our place. We come to the precinct and there were already more than 100 people waiting at the door. We needed 300 people: Would we get it? Three women with incense burners received them one by one and surrounding them in incense and with amiability, we gave them the welcome. Nobody make any strange face when they saw us with our clothes or refused to receive the cleanliness with copal; then, about 30 people of our group were accompanying them to their seats and speaking to them tenderly; we were the hosts and we wanted that they feel welcome with love.

I was surprised to see how every person who has come, brought a big smile. They did not stop in thanking to us and always were smiling, smiling, with an overflowing happiness. They were coming to a holiday and that was their attitude.

The starting hour was close and the line didn’t finish … 720 people had come to the call, including the priest of the Monticello Parish, its community, women and men of all the ages, many young people, people in wheelchairs, we couldn’t believe it, the expectations had been fully fulfilled. Then, Jaime confirmed that there also were more than 30.000 persons celebrating ceremonies around the world, and that 22 countries already were part of the OPEN YOUR HEART Movement. How is it possible to explain that in only 50 days it had turned into an extraordinary world event? The radio and the television in Mexico, the press in Bogota, e-mails, mobile messages, thousands of people know that today it is the day of the heart and they are going to celebrate it.

At 8:00 a.m. Jaime begins to explain how this magic adventure had begun a few months behind and which was its Mission. And he ended up by saying: “Never before so many depended on so few”. He asked to all of us to take our hands to join our forces and to move the energy, to create a powerful spiral that he would lead up to the center of the earth. An harangue was given to all the warriors there gathered, it spoke to an Army of Light, it shouted, begging for more and more force and the energy rose and went down again. We tried it 3 times. When it already seemed that it was impossible and we all were on the point of getting weak, he shouted again: Come on, come on! A little more! The Earth needs you, you cannot retire! Invoke the force of 30.000 people who are sending all their energy! Open your heart, let it go, throw it, and leave your last breath, give your life if it is necessary, it is the last opportunity and only you can get it. Loudly!! Quickly!!

In that moment, a small buzz that was rising and rising began, more and more loudly each time, more and more vibrant, it seemed that thousands of bees had joined to the ceremony. Our arms seemed to be shaken by an electric current, we felt the force of our partners; we couldn’t go on any more.

And suddenly, a wave of love, only comparable with the warm hug of a mother, was felt by each one of 720 people who were taking part in the ceremony. It was such a kind energy, so sweet that we almost lost concentration letting ourselves be carried by so wonderful experience. We give in to this caress and feel the creative force of the energy that was rising from the ground up to our feet, surrounding our whole body. The sensation was only comparable to that moment when we come home, after a long period and to feel the love of your mother surrounding you with her arms and kissing you in your cheek, that place where you feel save, safe, and where you know that anything and nobody can hurt you, where there is only LOVE.

I will never forget this moment. I thank life, the Mother Earth, the Universe, God, the Spirit and also Jaime for having had the privilege of living that moment. That the magic and love always be with us!

From heart to heart


Monday, March 1, 2010



1st. part


February 24th. 2010, to open Earth’s Heart to heal and balance her, and heal our own earths with the energy released.

Hundreds of thousands of people found out, thousands of them got connected, tens of groups working at the same time, people from more than 20 countries joined in a single purpose: To open the heart! Each one heart and Earth’s heart… The faith of thousands concentrated in a single point… Medellin, Colombia.

Hundreds of thousands of e-mails, phone calls, information from one to another, radio and television programs, interviews, articles in Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, Spain, all joined in only one feeling …

5 months since I received the message, only 6 weeks since we initiate the 2010 Open your Heart’s Movement: The miracle had been achieved! To open the 4th. Earth’s Chakra: to open her heart!

A ceremony that exceeded any expectation, especially because of the short time that we had, without economic resources, without political supports, or sponsors, nor businessmen, only with the heart, with the heart of the human beings who heard the call of his conscience, with the Earth’s Heart that it threw, perhaps, her last desperate scream.

Tens of Europeans who heard the call, The Earth’s Heart echo, they spent their savings, asked for credits to the bank, they get deducted their salary, lost their flights, remained stranded in different cities, the bad weather played with their emotions, they slept in airports, but everybody came … businessmen, professionals, employees, teachers, pensioners, housewives, unemployed men, artists, children, young people, adults, old age people, all them were supported by their families, they left during those days their wives, husbands, children, responsibilities…: many heroes stayed at home! Thanks for your sacrifice!

Some important people of 2010 Open your Heart Movement had to remain in their country, that was their mission, to coordinate, summon, go to interviews, answer e-mails, invite more people to the ceremonies, do ground … these people had a special place at the time of the ceremony: Thank you, your heart was always with us!

The objective of convince 30 European advanced students to come to Medellin with their power objects, since they had been trained for 2 years to open energy vortex 67 of them came!

To join 100 people in the previous course of the ceremony to convert them into the spearhead that would open the vortex… There were 92 and 8 of them that remained like heads of the movement in their countries working for the cause.

We needed 300 people in the ceremony … More than 700 came!

We needed a minimum of 3,000 people connected from different places around the world, the ideal number was 30,000 … we manage more than 33,000 people! Connected in more than 20 countries, in only 6 weeks.

Also million of people found out in Mexico, Spain, Colombia, Argentina, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Portugal, Italy, France, Sweden, Finland, England, Australia, Puerto Rico, Ecuador, Venezuela, the Arab Emirates, Bangladesh, India, the United States; more than 100 cities in the whole world a miracle

A trip that started with ceremonies in Mexico on February 9th, in Teotihuacan, where more than 150 people arrived, 13 of them Europeans, there was initiated the energy process. On February 10th, in the Mexico City Zocalo, we get connected with Mexico’s heart. We left course there to Puerto Rico, where we did energy processes in Arecibo and the Yunque. We flew to Peru … Cusco, Sacsayhuaman, El Valle Sagrado, Ollantaytambo, Pisaq, Raqchi, where we live not only magic moments but tremendously emotive, all this as preparation for the ceremony in Medellin.

Logistic, transports, hotels, the people were joining in different places of the trip, meals, hours and hours for the organization, days without sleeping, checking everything. A conference in Medellin with more than 200 participants, 92 people in the course, more than 700 people in the ceremony; thousands of printed photos of the people of the whole world to take them to the ceremony… Again logistic, numbers, transports, different flights, connections, food for vegetarians, to determine the couples for rooms, changes, sensitive persons, open hearts, cancellations, cost in Euros, payment in dollars, Euro devaluation, losses, adjustments, weariness, tension … Everything dissolved in the group brotherhood, in its love, in its giving aptitude, in happiness, scandalous and euphoric Germans, Spaniards full of life, all laughing, celebrating, hugs, fondness, love, just love, the flute at night, the laugh in the day, the heart to heart hugs always, every day our heart was cleaner, the eyes were shining more, the bodies were purified, the love was more and more unconditional, coincidences, signs, all the time, we always followed them… It was a magic result, German, Spanish, and English, there was permanent translation for everything what was said, but in the daily coexistence there was only a language: The one of the heart!

In the end, the ceremony, the magic was beyond the expected, crying, emotion, euphoria, shakes all over our bodies, feelings that snatched the soul from the body, something never seen, the Earth woke up, the energy of her heart wrapped us in a hug, the unconditional love made himself present, we all sing of happiness, priests, elders, entire families, natives' representatives, we all form only one love heart to the Earth, without creed, religion or socioeconomic level, we all were full of love to the fellow, to ourselves … We had achieved it!

It was not easy, we suffer 3 attempts without answer, the energy became exhausted, we call the 33,000, we penetrate more but still we do not make it again, we call the forces of nature … nothing, we weren’t doing it we ask for the planets force, we advanced again but we were defeated again… the energy was finishing, people were shouting, our last opportunity, we invoke to all the spirits that were accompanying us, thousands of them (there is a photo where they are seen) and in a last effort finally we did it…

And the miracle occurred!!!!

Only with the heart of each one of you: Thank you, thank you very much!

Complete mission!!!!!!

Thank you hearts of the whole world… we did it!

Jaime Delgado Orea

P.S. Only joined to this wonderful energy, we will be able to give the following step.