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1st. part


February 24th. 2010, to open Earth’s Heart to heal and balance her, and heal our own earths with the energy released.

Hundreds of thousands of people found out, thousands of them got connected, tens of groups working at the same time, people from more than 20 countries joined in a single purpose: To open the heart! Each one heart and Earth’s heart… The faith of thousands concentrated in a single point… Medellin, Colombia.

Hundreds of thousands of e-mails, phone calls, information from one to another, radio and television programs, interviews, articles in Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, Spain, all joined in only one feeling …

5 months since I received the message, only 6 weeks since we initiate the 2010 Open your Heart’s Movement: The miracle had been achieved! To open the 4th. Earth’s Chakra: to open her heart!

A ceremony that exceeded any expectation, especially because of the short time that we had, without economic resources, without political supports, or sponsors, nor businessmen, only with the heart, with the heart of the human beings who heard the call of his conscience, with the Earth’s Heart that it threw, perhaps, her last desperate scream.

Tens of Europeans who heard the call, The Earth’s Heart echo, they spent their savings, asked for credits to the bank, they get deducted their salary, lost their flights, remained stranded in different cities, the bad weather played with their emotions, they slept in airports, but everybody came … businessmen, professionals, employees, teachers, pensioners, housewives, unemployed men, artists, children, young people, adults, old age people, all them were supported by their families, they left during those days their wives, husbands, children, responsibilities…: many heroes stayed at home! Thanks for your sacrifice!

Some important people of 2010 Open your Heart Movement had to remain in their country, that was their mission, to coordinate, summon, go to interviews, answer e-mails, invite more people to the ceremonies, do ground … these people had a special place at the time of the ceremony: Thank you, your heart was always with us!

The objective of convince 30 European advanced students to come to Medellin with their power objects, since they had been trained for 2 years to open energy vortex 67 of them came!

To join 100 people in the previous course of the ceremony to convert them into the spearhead that would open the vortex… There were 92 and 8 of them that remained like heads of the movement in their countries working for the cause.

We needed 300 people in the ceremony … More than 700 came!

We needed a minimum of 3,000 people connected from different places around the world, the ideal number was 30,000 … we manage more than 33,000 people! Connected in more than 20 countries, in only 6 weeks.

Also million of people found out in Mexico, Spain, Colombia, Argentina, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Portugal, Italy, France, Sweden, Finland, England, Australia, Puerto Rico, Ecuador, Venezuela, the Arab Emirates, Bangladesh, India, the United States; more than 100 cities in the whole world a miracle

A trip that started with ceremonies in Mexico on February 9th, in Teotihuacan, where more than 150 people arrived, 13 of them Europeans, there was initiated the energy process. On February 10th, in the Mexico City Zocalo, we get connected with Mexico’s heart. We left course there to Puerto Rico, where we did energy processes in Arecibo and the Yunque. We flew to Peru … Cusco, Sacsayhuaman, El Valle Sagrado, Ollantaytambo, Pisaq, Raqchi, where we live not only magic moments but tremendously emotive, all this as preparation for the ceremony in Medellin.

Logistic, transports, hotels, the people were joining in different places of the trip, meals, hours and hours for the organization, days without sleeping, checking everything. A conference in Medellin with more than 200 participants, 92 people in the course, more than 700 people in the ceremony; thousands of printed photos of the people of the whole world to take them to the ceremony… Again logistic, numbers, transports, different flights, connections, food for vegetarians, to determine the couples for rooms, changes, sensitive persons, open hearts, cancellations, cost in Euros, payment in dollars, Euro devaluation, losses, adjustments, weariness, tension … Everything dissolved in the group brotherhood, in its love, in its giving aptitude, in happiness, scandalous and euphoric Germans, Spaniards full of life, all laughing, celebrating, hugs, fondness, love, just love, the flute at night, the laugh in the day, the heart to heart hugs always, every day our heart was cleaner, the eyes were shining more, the bodies were purified, the love was more and more unconditional, coincidences, signs, all the time, we always followed them… It was a magic result, German, Spanish, and English, there was permanent translation for everything what was said, but in the daily coexistence there was only a language: The one of the heart!

In the end, the ceremony, the magic was beyond the expected, crying, emotion, euphoria, shakes all over our bodies, feelings that snatched the soul from the body, something never seen, the Earth woke up, the energy of her heart wrapped us in a hug, the unconditional love made himself present, we all sing of happiness, priests, elders, entire families, natives' representatives, we all form only one love heart to the Earth, without creed, religion or socioeconomic level, we all were full of love to the fellow, to ourselves … We had achieved it!

It was not easy, we suffer 3 attempts without answer, the energy became exhausted, we call the 33,000, we penetrate more but still we do not make it again, we call the forces of nature … nothing, we weren’t doing it we ask for the planets force, we advanced again but we were defeated again… the energy was finishing, people were shouting, our last opportunity, we invoke to all the spirits that were accompanying us, thousands of them (there is a photo where they are seen) and in a last effort finally we did it…

And the miracle occurred!!!!

Only with the heart of each one of you: Thank you, thank you very much!

Complete mission!!!!!!

Thank you hearts of the whole world… we did it!

Jaime Delgado Orea

P.S. Only joined to this wonderful energy, we will be able to give the following step.

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