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February 24th, 2010 Ceremony at a Distance (statement 7)


February 24th, 2010

Medellin, Colombia

Monticello Hospederia

February 24th, 2010 Ceremony at a Distance

My name is Jaime Delgado and I have trained all my life to find those who are the –sowns- the ones who are chosen and who will have the opportunity of give a hope of light to the Earth and to humanity, everything indicates that you are one of them, no matter your race, creed, culture or beliefs.

The sowns were born before the famous indigo and crystal children, are evolved spirits sowed in the Earth to wake up in this times and contribute with their energy, wisdom and personal power in the evolution of humanity consciousness.

In these days my mission is to find the first 30,000 who will help me to open the Heart and Earth Chakra and to promote the human beings heart opening in the whole planet.

If you are reading this information is perhaps there is something inside of you that is moving you towards this movement, your heart, because this is a road with heart.

The proposals that I following present are just an option, that respects any other way of understanding this ceremony, inside our approach is the ideal ceremony to produce the best results and to be useful to the maximum what will happen with the earth’s energy. But we are conscious that there exist a lot of different approaches as valid as ours, therefore we invite all the ones who are interested to be part of this ceremony as we propose it, but you are free to realize it according to your beliefs.

Arrangements for February 24th ceremony

The preparation will begin 1 or 2 hours before the ceremony.

Buy red, orange, yellow, green, blue, light blue, violet flowers to make a circle with the petals of them. (The flowers are illuminated beings from the vegetable world; their smells represent the chakras’ colors).

In case of not getting the flowers, the circle has to be made with tobacco or with stones (any kind of stone, but I recommend all kind of quartzes and semi precious or precious stones).

The following process would be done in the same way, independently of the circle content (flowers, tobacco or stones)

But if something is not as we indicate, the intention and heart are the most important things.

Preparation for the circle of flowers

· The ones in the ceremony remove the petals from the flowers and mix them.

· While this is done, all the ones involved realize singings and prayers in a festive and solemn ambience, as each one considerate it suitable.

· If you have oils of the Tor magic solution of the Avalon’s trip, smears a little of these oils on the flowers, if you don’t have this oil, use a little of perfume or lotion (it could also be Bach flowers, aerosoma, etc.)

· Make the circle as big as the number of people who are joined or as the place allows it, the ideal thing is that all the assistants stay inside the circle, if it is not possible, make a 1m of diameter circle and the assistants stay around the circle (if it is not possible do it as you can).

· Put in the center 4 ignited candles directed each one to the 4 cardinal points, no matter the distance between them.

· Do a 33cm octagon in the center (more or less), with the same material (flowers, tobacco, stones) as the big circle; if you have an “Aspersor” (magic object used by Jaime’s Delgado students) put it in the center and surround it too with the flowers petals.

· If there is not an “Aspersor”, put a scepter of the king (another object that can be used by the students of Jaime Delgado) if there is not, put any stone (a precious stone or any quartz preferably) and incense.

· Mark the place mentally as a sacred place.

· Inside the circle put all the stones and power objects that you have (so they get loaded with energy), putting black pearls would be excellent because they acquire the power of help in physical and emotional health).

· Place above the “Aspersor”, or the scepter, or the stone the photos of the people that you want to send the energy.

· And bellow the scepter or the “Aspersor” put 2 sheets of paper, one with the power symbol (it will be shown ahead) and another with the next legend written: 6˚ 13’ 55’’ north.

I connect myself with Medellin, Colombia in the following latitude:

I connect myself with the Earth’s Heart Chakra that is been opened in this moment.

I connect myself with my heart, with the authentic intention of heal it from all the negative emotions that it could has and with this I wish to full it with passion, happiness, love, force, and above all with peace and security.

I absorb the Earth’s Heart Chakra power, I make it mine, and I fill myself with it.

Because I’m determined to be happy, taking responsibility of my own emotions, releasing the past and the future, filling myself with the most wonderful of the present, valuing all the ones that I love and compromising myself to be the owner of my life without blaming anybody of the decisions that a make or not.

Finally I let go all those actions from others that hurt me, understanding that their actions were fruit of their own pain, unhappiness and ignorance in that moment, that their wish of hurt me.

I erase the negative images from the past, I disappear the words that hurt me and any bad sensation or emotion stored in my body and heart, I just release them, again until there is nothing.

We ask the Earth’s Heart Chakra to connect with our heart all its power and force and purifies it quickly from all that emotion that stops it towards my authentic freedom and peace:

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

(Write the name or names of all the ones who were joined to participate in the ceremony).

For Jaime’s Delgado Students

Since you have different learning levels, each one will make just the techniques in which he is initiated and knows how to realize the technique or process.

Those who didn’t know all the techniques that are named bellow, realize just the ones that you know, don’t worry! Each one must do the best as you can.

· Connect yourselves to the San Da Ma E

· Connect Yourselves to the Earth’s energy: To Kua Mo Ne

· Connect yourselves to the wind energies (Ca Ma Na T e Ho Ye Si Si), water (Ca Mo Tei Sua) and fire (Son Du Vi La).

· Open the 6 directions with the corresponding colors.

· Open the 6 dimensions.

· Invoke all the light beings, masters or gurus who want to be with you in this ceremony.

· Realize the transmuters’ castle around the circle.

· Begin the ceremony.


If there is Internet, the ceremony can be transmitted live if you follow the instructions.

If not, follow the next instructions:

The people connect themselves mentally at 19:00hrs Medellin, Colombia Time (18:00hrs Mexico City time, 01:00hrs February 25th. Europe time) and should do the next:


A symbol with power is needed to join all the hearths in the world that have joined to this project, the symbol that the masters gave me is the first Hebrew letter: ALEF that means The Origin, the place where everything begins…


Visualize 3 times the letter ALEF (Hebrew symbol) in your heart, forming a triangle.

· The first one symbolizes the beginning of everything.

· The second one, nothing.

· The third one, the conscience of the existence of the other 2.


During 3 minutes we will visualize 3 times the same letter in the human heart, forming a triangle.

Then, another 3 minutes in the universe’s heart (imagining a heart in the Universe and in the heart center the 2 Sirius stars A and B).

Finally 3 hearts are connected simultaneously: man’s heart, earth’s heart, universe’s heart; the earth heart to the other 2 as the same as the universe’s heart, to the other 2 simultaneously.

Now the heart of each one connects (by means of the symbol) with people’s around the world heart involved in this movement and is visualized how all hearts get connected simultaneously to the earth’s heart chakra… all this energy turns into the earth’s heart food so she wakes up. During all this process people visualize the symbol and repeat the name of the letter ALEF during a half an hour (minimum). After 45 minutes of having initiated this process we start feeling the Earth’s heart awakening (this will happen if we did right our process, personal and in group).

First we will feel a crawling sensation, which will turn out into a vibration in all our body, the Earth’s energy will climb for the spinal column, giving us a sensation of a wind or force first softly and then more and more strong, that crosses our body and purifies it of all disease, pain and negative attitude. Maybe those who were doing it at a distance feel it be born from the hearth, more than from the feet or coccyx. The ones that had sent their photos are even on time ( you could feel it in an overwhelming way in your whole body; this are experiences that we will only know how they will happen after experiencing them. Finally the experience could be extraordinarily pleasant and the best that you have ever lived.

It will be one of the most wonderful moments that the human being could have lived in the last thousand years.

The Earth will speak; the sacred mother will feed her children

All will drink from her sacred nectar

The Miracles day will have come

All will be happy

Until this moment they will know that everything was true

Nothing will return to be like before for those who share directly and at a distance their love

It just be a moment in the infinity

But in an eternity for those who bathe in this magic

God will be a reality again

The entire world will acclaim him

Just inside each one heart.

After this experience all the hearts in there will connect themselves with the photos, names or memories of the beloved beings or important in their life’s, it will be a giving party, thousands of human beings will receive the Earth’s blessing, directly or indirectly or trough a dear being.

There will come the moment to connect heart with heart with all the people you know, not only with the ones we love or are important to us, also with those with we had problem, disagreement or difficulty… Everyone! Everyone!

The Earth’s love will sow its seed in humans’ beings hearts, the humans’ beings heart will sow its seed in the heart of more human beings, the heart of all of them will sow its seed in every planet feeling beings; animal, insects, plants, minerals and all together will send a message to the Universe: The Planet Earth and its inhabitants are cured.

All this process will last 3 hours, more or less, after all this people should celebrate, get in jubilee, something will have changed in their life forever, their hearts will be light, they will feel happy, from any creed, culture or country, human beings will be better persons.

It will be a real beginning of a heart and soul movement that will touch all planet living beings.

All will have an opportunity moment, it will be their decision to continue with this process or reject it…

The 100 participants of the course in Medellin will be initiated by Earth, to be them the ones who take the message all over the world opening 363 vortex in the whole Earth during the 2010 year.

The ones who are present in the ceremony and those who are connected at a distance will have the opportunity of collaborate with them.

From this approach, this is an opportunity so that the Earth gets into a stabilization process and an opportunity for the human beings to have harmony in their hearts.

This is the information for the ceremony execution, please diffuse it everywhere, we need 30,000 people connected on February 24th. 2010, we need all possible help and the power of all of you. Say your family and friends that they have the opportunity of receive a wonderful gift and they can do it from their homes. And the time is now February 24th!

To any question about the ceremony please write to:

In Spain:

The answers will be available for everybody in the blog as we answer them:

Jaime Delgado

Open your Heart 2010

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