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Open your Heart Movement 2010 (statement 6)


Open your Heart Movement 2010

Hundreds of hearts and now thousands of persons are joining with us in the whole world; everything with only one intention: to clean all the negative emotions that debilitate them and put them far away from happiness and peace.

This is our priority in these moments, to make ourselves responsible of our own emotions and to share the best of us to all the people who surround us.

Visit our blog so that you could obtain all the information that you need and you could share this movement with your closest persons, with the groups of personal development that you know and if it is possible to announce it at massive level.

This will be the mission of each of us! To spread this message in every city, in every country… We owe it to the Earth! We owe it to ourselves! Let's join hundreds and thousands of hearts in this crusade for the Earth… it is now! There is no time… it is now!

I know that many of you are waiting for the information related to the ceremony of February 24th, in Medellin, Colombia… but this is not our priority in this moment… our priority is to open the biggest number of hearts.

Last Saturday, January 16th, we had our first link by Internet with 2010 ”Open Your Heart” movement representatives around the world, in which took part 53 persons/groups of 9 different countries (we calculate that they were about 75 connected persons).

This movement started on December 21st, 2009, although it formally began on January 1st, 2010; in only 16 days we already had 9 countries (Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Bangladesh) in more than 25 cities, with more than 50 representatives, persons compromised to promote this movement.

Today on January 25th, only one week later, we already have representatives in Finland, England, the United States, Ecuador, Chile, Venezuela and Czech Republic, and those who are joining every day.

In Mexico we have 30 women opinion leaders, promoting the “Open your Heart” movement 2010, who have taken this message, only in a few days, to more than 1,000 persons.

We are contacting artists of national and international level who sink to this cause, as well as leaders of opinion, sportsmen, professionals, etc.

We also have a directory of more than 8,000 e-mails of different countries.

300 independent radio stations from the whole Mexican Republic are offering us their support to spread the message.

We also have the support of a Mexican television transmitter, channel 40; of Radio Formula, one of the 3 more important radio channels in the whole country and in part of the United States; of 20 magazines and tens of persons with relations with hundreds of already organized groups.

We are organizing an event for February 10th, for 500 persons in Mexico City, in which will be representatives of printed matter, television, artists and leaders of opinion; in order to make all of them “Ambassadors of the Movement 2010 Opens your Heart”.

This event is a fruit of many women compromised with her heart.

Only in Spain we have more than 40 cities taken into account in these moment with representatives of this movement, they are doing an excellent diffusion work.

I am in waiting for the report of the movement growth in other countries.

In the movement blog is already the publication of the bulletins in German and in a few days the version will be also in English.

We all are compromised with:

1. Takes responsibility each one of your own emotions.

2. To promote this information.

3. Achieve persons or groups that could spread this information in a massive way.

4. To get connected on February 24th, with the ceremony that we will realize in Medellin, Colombia.

5. To organize groups from your origin place and the day of the Ceremony get connected

6. To go to Medellin to the ceremony or to the whole initiative trip before February 24th, starting on February 9th, in Teotihuacán Mexico, then Puerto Rico, Peru and Colombia.

Since you can realize, every person is taking this movement as his and therefore promoting it with the biggest possible number of persons.

The new date for the next Internet link with all the representatives will be Saturday, February 6th, at 10:00 hrs (hour of the Mexico City; 17:00 hrs in Europe). In the above mentioned conference I will explain and give answers to the doubts about ceremony over a distance that will be realized on February 24th, in the different cities of the world.

We ask you to confirm us your participation in the conference of February 6th sending e-mail to:

I Also ask all of you to write to us the results that they have had in the promotion of this movement: with whom have they promoted it, the interest that it has demonstrated, the cities and countries involved, the entire number of persons who have been informed, the groups that have joined, etc.

Welcome to this adventure heart!

Jaime Delgado

Open your Heart Movement 2010 Blog:

Preparation Exercises to Open your Heart Blog:

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