Monday, February 8, 2010

The Message of the Stars Teotihuacan, Mexico. (statement 5)

Statement 5

The Message of the Stars

Teotihuacan, Mexico

One of the great virtues of the Astrological Knowledge is Mathematics, because the astrology is the combination of distances and planetary positions, which are measurable and verifiable.

When a spiritual, political or social movement is going to start, is very important the astrological scheme of the person who is going to initiates the movement; and the date and place where it will begin, this will determine the type of planetary influence that will have this movement.

“Open your Heart” 2010 movement, because of the positions and influence of the planets, will attract great souls.

Obviously the astrological scheme of the people who are going to be participating in this is very positive and transcendental moment in their life and their energy will influence so to that the movement be stronger.

“This will be a personal movement because each of the participants will feel it like yours, they will feel it in their heart”

Having initiated, the astrological scheme of this movement, shows 9 excellent planetary aspects that appear for the first and the only time and are combined effectively with February 9th in Teotihuacan, Mexico at 11:17am and with February 24th, from 19:00 to 22:00 hrs. (Colombia time) 2010 in Medellin, Colombia.

It is worth while to say that is very difficult to find 9 good aspects in a natal chart, also it is necessary to mention 3 negative aspects that were found (these positive and negative aspects will be seen in detail later in another bulletin or in the Blog

These are the positive and magic aspects for February 9th

Jupiter the great goods giver, the master, the guide the instructor, the one who heals from all the possible forms, is at24˚ of aquarium. The moon, which has to do with the attraction of multitudes and disciples, is at 28˚ of Aquarium. and with Jupiter, is Neptune the star of miracles, of the subtlest, more ethereal and more spiritual knowledge.

That Jupiter and Neptune are at 24˚ of Aquarium is an astrological aspect that does not happen again in all this decade.

This astrological combination united to Chiron that is the biggest of the asteroids, half human half divine, located between Mars and Jupiter and that has to do with the education to the gods or demigods... forms an astrological scheme that if it was necessary to name it with a word, it would be: miracle! What will happen will be a miracle, what they will do for the people will be miracles, what they will do for the earth will be miraculous.

And to top it we found like support to make possible economically speaking this movement, the union of Jupiter, Neptune, Chiron and the Moon in the 11th house that is Aquarium, and represent the friends, patrons, and protectors who will burn negative karma of other lives.

Also the movement has a good aspect with Venus in the 9th house, which is the support to everything related to superior and spiritual philosophies … better impossible!

It is necessary to add that Venus is entering into a position, for the first and only time, in which it will begin to receive very good aspects from Pluto; this means that it will be a moment of great beginnings and renaissance in life of those who are in the movement that is beginning.

We also find Venus exactly in the east horizon with the star of the magic called Scherid in the constellation of Cassiopeia, which grants the best gifts at metaphysical level, this means that this is the best moment for the beginning of an initiating ceremony. Also, the sun will be in good aspect in the top part, this granted to the participants of the ceremony, the metaphysical power: "to see what others do not see”.

On the other hand, Pluto enters in Capricorn for the first and only time in 248 years, this means the beginning of big movements of repercussion around the world (248 years ago the United States of America became independent from the British arising the beginning of the democracy in the whole world, as important and transcendent is this position of Pluto with a good aspect). This position augurs the beginning of a very important movement, being in this case a spiritual - metaphysical movement supported of miracles (Neptune), of supports, luck and healing (Jupiter) and the participation of great multitudes (the Moon). Besides this position; Pluto will be at 5° from Capricorn and I will be at 5˚ from Taurus, 120° of distance, this give us as result: 120˚, 120˚, 120˚, adding 360 grades, a big triangle symbol of a sign of support and divine approval, this is a tremendously significant aspect, because in mathematics something so precise a coincidence cannot be.

The scientist who prepared the astrological scheme commented: "The masters who gave you this information must be wise… how could they know this? Mathematically a coincidence cannot be!”

Negative aspects for February 9th.

Not everything is going to be easy in the development of this movement, since there will exist strong antagonisms, negative astral entities, criticism and groups that will see their interests affected and will think about how to block this mission for the sake of the people and of the planet. There will not be sufficient the wonderful support that we had from the stars, but we also need help of the people with energy power and especially of the masses to be able to resist these negative forces.

Our movement means great illusions based on something based and real, but a bad aspect exists against Neptune, therefore, if we do not work strongly getting over to the adversities, This bad aspect may generate disappointments.

There exists another bad aspect that is Saturn against the Sun. Saturn represents the ignorance, the egoism, blockades, limitations; ring that does not allow to pass; sabotage and treacheries… we recommend again to duplicate the effort and the determination and especially team work.

Finally, the presence of the black moon means negative energy that tries to prevent the humanity from being happy through love. It will do up to the impossible thing for avoiding this movement and the ceremonies which will liberate and give love to the people and to the planet.

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