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Statement 4

Initiative Trip “A road with heart”

February 2010


Start moving the energy from the heart around the world to open the Earth’s Heart Chakra, being this the beginning of the movement to open people’s heart.

On February 9th, 2010 begins the movement around the world which purpose is to “Open the Heart” It will also be the beginning of the ceremonies that precedes “Opening Earth’s Heart Chakra” in Medellin Colombia.

There will be 6 ceremonies in 3 countries: Mexico, Puerto Rico and Peru; 3 of them will be to connect from that place the celestial energy or of the stars, and the other 3 to open energy channels in Earth. These ceremonies will support us with the Heart’s Chakra opening.

Also these ceremonies will serve us like preparation for those who are going to be in them we will be there the best we can; mental, emotional energetically and spiritually to the February’s 24th ceremony.



FEBRUARY 9th 2010

Teotihuacan, Mexico

The movement around the world of waking up of conscience and hearth’s opening will start at the Sun’s Pyramid in Teotihuacan . A movement like this just happens every 248 years and in this occasion it will depart from Mexico to the world.


· You should wear something white (shirt, pants, scarf, etc., you could also wear all in white with a red band in your waist)

· You should take a big peach for the heart’s offering.

· Take a small gourd cup and a bottle of water, a green leaf , 2 little glass lampshades, and a small octagonal mirror.

· Preferably take a list of all negative emotions that you want to loosen.

5:00 hrs. Departure of Mexico City

6:30 hrs. Arrival to Teotihuacan

6:30 - 7:15 hrs. Breakfast at the Teotihuacan

Villas Arqueologicas Hotel

7:25 hrs. Entrance into the archeological zone

7:30 - 9:30 hrs. 1st. Ceremony: Ask for permission and greeting to the 6 directions. Go to Quetzalcoatl’s temple and thanks the spirit for all that we had lived, the Feathered Serpent is represented invoking to a Dragon, we explain The Feathered Serpent Symbolism.

On the pyramid-platform at the center of Quetzalcoatl’s square, the ceremony starts.

I explain the meaning of the initiation that is going to be realized:

· Is the first connection with the place.

· Is preparatory for the ceremony on the Pyramid of the Sun

· This first part will sensitize and open the hearts of everyone there.

· It will purify and give energy to blood.

Initiation at the platform of Quetzalcoatl temple:

With the Avalon’s triple magic potion, all participants make themselves the initiation “The Earth’s Heart waking up ”

While we put the oil on the indicated points, repeat on each place the sacred mantra (it will be given in that moment) that means “the divinity runs through my veins”

7 minutes s of deep meditation.

During these 7 minutes, Jaime will realize the sacred heart’s sign on the chest of every initiated.

This mudra serves to open, to sensitize and to fortify the heart.

The next process is explained: Participants are going to leave all their negative emotions that they don’t want to have in their lives; as fear, pain, sadness, aggression, resentments… all the rubble that their hearth has, Write these negative feelings in a sheet of paper (you can have them all ready written) saw them in the little octagonal mirror and break the sheet of paper, put the little pieces inside the gourd cup with water, leave it in that place( the mirror, the gourd cup, the leaf and the lampshade lighting and incense). Burn the sheet of paper with the negative emotions.

(When the ceremony ends, return for the gourd cups and the glass lampshades.)

9:30 - 10:30 hrs. Death’s Avenue

Walk through the death’s avenue in silence, empty, like if you die and go to the spiritual glory.

Climb the Pyramid of the Sun as soldiers:

· Zigzagging like a serpent, with breathing and soldier’s look, constantly up to the top.

Those who can’t climb like this, will climb in this way:

· Walking so slowly with fixed look and rhythmic breathing (I’ll teach it in that moment) zigzagging, stopping in each platform until completely get back your respiratory rhythm (doesn’t matter how long it takes to you climbing).

10: 30 – 11:00 hrs. Pyramid of the Sun

11:10 hrs We climb up to the top of it:

Light another lampshade, in silence the participants who want it, commit themselves to a new life of service, without fear to be themselves and to always listen to their heart (intuition, hunches, etc.) without absurd personal images created by our fears to defend ourselves or to try to demonstrate what we are not. We are born again in our authenticity and personal freedom!

11:17 Signature of the Heart’s Document (it can be signed by all those who wish it, is voluntary).

Text of the document: “For the Earth, what is necessary, for the hearth and what it represents, for the stars and our commitment of honor to fulfill our mission in this life… we will initiate The Way of the Heart!”.

We are assembled to celebrate the return of the best feelings and knowledge of the human beings and we come to confirm that today February 9th, 2010 here in Teotihuacan Mexico at 11:17 am initiates this movement that will expand all over the world.

We invoke the power of the stars, its magic and protection so that they accompany this movement of the heart and for the heart”.

· Jaime signs first the document (and puts a drop of his blood) starting the movement on a global scale. The ones who wish it, will put his name, signature and e-mail.

Our representatives around the world and their groups, which will be taking part in this ceremony, will sign the document in their respective places at the same hour.

After all have signed, Jaime Delgado does to the participants the initiation with the Avalon’s triple magic formula “Contact with the Stars”. Every participant will be born again in his bond with divine thing opening the heart and connecting it with the stars’ heart.

12:00 – 13:00 hrs. Meditation

Do the meditation and the practice of the Initiation.

Each one makes an offering with their heart (take a fruit,

Preferably a big peach it symbolizes the heart). Sticks the peach to your heart during 3 minutes and transmit to it all our best emotions, later we offered it like if it was our heart.

February 10th, 2010

Ceremony at the Zocalo, Mexico City


To give power to the people of Mexico

For this ceremony a massive summon will be realized in the different mass media, hoping that the people of Mexico answer and many people will assist.

6:00 hrs. Departure of the point of meeting

6:30 hrs. Arrival to the Zocalo, México City

7:00 hrs. Beginning of the ceremony in the flagstaff flag


· 300 people are waited.

· Do concentric circles around the flagpole; repeat the mexicas’ sacred mantra (I will send you the mantra in the following statement).

· Moves the energy of everybody until there is done a funnel directed to the center of the Earth, contact México’s heart.

· People in there spill the best emotions that have in their heart to Mexico’s heart, to give him fresh life and happiness.

· While we do this process, we invoke the Quetzalcoatl’s spirit, which will go down from the sky to Earth winding like a feathered serpent.

· 2 forces will join: the Feathered Serpent messenger of the sky and Mexico’s heart messenger of the earth.

· Sprout in this moment a very powerful energy that purifies all the assistants.

· After some minutes, the energy withdraws and concentrates again on Mexico’ heart, which sends all this energy (combination of Mexico’s Heart, the Feathered Serpent and the heart of the people there) to the Popocatepetl volcano and from this to the Iztaccihuatl volcano.

· The volcanoes wake up, smile and throw their energy to the sky covering the whole Mexico City.

· And from Mexico’s heart and now with the heart of 2 volcanoes, the energy moves with an enormous force to the Earth’s heart Chakra in Medellin, Colombia.

· At the end, throws water on the floor; symbolizing the cleanliness of the blood that was spilled in this place hundreds years ago.

8:00 hrs. End of the ceremony.

8:30 hrs. Breakfast at the Hotel Holiday Inn (with panoramic view of Mexico City Zocalo).

10:00 hrs. Visit to the Aztecs’ Templo Mayor.

11:00 hrs. Departure for the Anthropology Museum in Mexico City 11:30 hrs. Arrival to the museum and beginning of the run.

14:30 hrs. Free meal and dinner.

San Juan, Puerto Rico

February 11th, 2010


To contact with entities of other planets.

In Arecibo, Puerto Rico, in a natural cavity, is the biggest antenna of earth. The United States uses it as a big reflecting plate and is by this point where the messages of Earth are sent to the Universe, reaching distances unable to reach otherwise.

We will try to combine the science and the most modern technology in communication; the force and energy of human beings’ minds and heart. It is a different option of communication of the earth with the Universe.

We will send a message to the habitants of other planets or travelers in the space, in which we will notify that a part of the humanity has taken the decision of clean their heart and also the earth’s heart as a sign that many human beings are ready for a change of conscience and for an authentic evolutionary process like a race. We will also ask them to support us with his knowledge, presence and energy.

We will create or we will join to a net of conscience and opening of the heart in an earthly and universal level.

It will be a real adventure, because we don’t know exactly what is waiting for us!

Then we will go to the Yunque for the energy process to the center of the Earth.

I know that the place is wonderful and very funny… finally a healthy heart must be relaxed, full of happiness And here is the indicated place for this preparation!


Machu Picchu

February 17th, 2010


Personal Purification

* The first day we will climb the Wayna Picchu and we will put ourselves in harmony with the “Apus’” (sacred mountains) and stars’ energy, we’ll invoke all their power. Also from this place we will try to get in contact with the energy disc of Wayna Picchu.

* Because this place is not adapted to have many people gathered or neither to do a great ceremony, each one in the place in which it be possible, will sit down and will do an individual process. .

* I will realize the invocations and processes that are necessaries to wakes up to the maximum the force and magic of the sacred mountain.

* The following day, in a free way, participants will be able to know Machu Picchu.

* The same day we will enter at night at Machu Picchu:

Ø We will do the greeting to the 6 directions and an offering at the condor’s eye.

Ø We will realize the Earth’s ceremony in the sacred flagstone, the most wonderful and powerful place that I have ever known in the entire planet (I hope we have lucky and we can wake it up and live its power). First I will sit in the sacred flagstone to try to wake up her, then each one the participants will sit in process of personal purification.

Seminar “A Road with Heart” February 21st, 2010

Medellin, Colombia


¨ Clean to the maximum our heart of pains, sadness, fears, aggressions, and resentments and of any negative emotion that debilitates us.

¨ Load the heart with the best energy and with the best feelings that be possible.

¨ Help to open our partner’s heart.

¨ Learn the first 4 rhythms of the 7 Rhythms of Life.

¨ You will know the philosophy of the 5 commitments of a free heart.


5 Commitments of a Free Heart and 2 Challenges

* 5 Commitments of a Free Heart

1. Do not try to convince anybody.

2. Do not spend energy defending what is indefensible.

3. That your happiness does not depends on that others abide your will.

4. Accept that “this will also happen” that nothing is permanent and that everything is in a continuous movement.

5. Dare yourself to die pacifically to all your fears, resentments and aggressions; let them go, they are not yours, they debilitate and stop you.

* The 2 Challenges

They only happen when the heart and the spirit join in a same rhythm of life:

1. Learn and live the secret of the shamans, monks, druids, magicians and of every man or woman of power: “Breath every moment, fill yourself with its marvel and release it”.

· Rejuvenate yourself living the astonishment of every moment

· Save energy here and now, increases systematically your power

· Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy live every moment to the maximum

2. Learn to live in the secret of the beings of light: “Love without restriction, without needs, just love unconditionally because love will fill you with life”.

· All illness and pains are born from heart; there is the beginning of the old age.

· A healthy heart feeds a healthy mind.

· Love is to give, give, give.

Exercises for the heart cleanliness

* The 7 life rhythms (only 4 will be practiced)

* Breathing the cleanliness of the heart

* Energy heart Healings in group

* Heart’s Mudra (om canei canei)

* Music and exercises for the heart

* Tae Chi and Chi Kung of the heart

* Hands dances to clean the heart (cama nikte y ashikio harote)


· San Da Ma E Triple Initiation

o Hands that heal

o Energy Protection

o Receive presents from other dimensions

· Initiation to open hearts

· Initiations to turn into initiators (just advanced)

o San Da Ma E

o Energy Sword

o Pyramid

· Initiations with the 5 Avalon’s magic substances

· Entire Power Initiation

· Universe Dreams Initiation

· Power Objects Initiation

· Initiation of Heart’s and Earth’s waking up

· Magic Contact with the Stars

(These are not going to be given to everybody, it will be decided in that moment)

Preparation for the ceremony

Training to know what to do and how to do at the ceremony.

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